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The focus of today’s sharing is about building your list. If we have a business, whether it be a service business or products that we’re selling, if we have a list of people that are customers, are clients, then we have a business. If we do not have a list of customers or clients, then we don’t have a business.


There are different ways that you can build that list.  If you are marketing face-to-face, then it would be getting yourself out there in front of other people. Whether it be through networking events or whether you’re going to festivals and you’re setting up a table, you need to be where the people are. Maybe the local schools or the local places of worship might be having a festival or fair for their membership, then you could participate by having a table there, for a small fee.

When you are doing a table event, you could have raffle that you can offer the people when they visit your table.  You might have a drawing for a product or one of your service.  Be sure to have a contact form that you or the visitor will fill out. You will want their email, phone number and mailing address so that you can  follow up with the people later.  A raffle or drawing is a great way for you to gain contact information from people face-to-face.


Now if you’re marketing online, then you’re going to want to look at your social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, where you can start building a contact list. You want to build relationships and rapport with people, whether you’re doing face-to-face events or  you’re doing online marketing.  Once you’ve built that relationship and rapport where people feel comfortable giving you their contact information, then you gather it.


After  you have the contact information from your list, you will need a place to put it. If you are an MLM company, then you could typically put it  in your back office, where you would have an address book for the contact information. If you don’t have an MLM, maybe you’ve got a storefront or you’re marketing online, you can subscribe to an autoresponder, such as or, where you can build your list of contacts.

Then, you want to have a setup where you’re emailing them on a regular basis. If, like I said, you’re in an MLM, then typically you’re going to have an autoresponder  in your back office. You can schedule your campaigns that will go out on a regular basis, either daily or weekly, to your list.

If you are not in an MLM where you have a back office with an automatic email  or campaign autoresponder, then you have some options. You can use Constant Contact or a  Gmail business account for massive emailing. You can also use or for massive emailing  your business newsletter or the latest specials.


You will want to have regular contact with those people, either daily or weekly. When following up with your list, let them know about  your latest products, your latest services, or  maybe specials that you might be having.  If you’ve got a special trip that you’ve won or bonuses that you received, just share that good news with them. If you have a customer or client, that had just exceptional results from either your product or your services, maybe share that with them. Just let people know about your business and about your life.

I hope that you will really think about your list.   Building that list is what we’re all about. Whether it’s a storefront or whether it is a home business or whether you’re solely online marketing, it’s that list can make or break your business.

If there’s anything that you have questions about, if you’ve got comments, please feel free to add those below. I hope you’ve gotten some value out of this. Thank you so much.

Best Wishes,

Myra Reidy

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After retiring from my first career, I realized that I was not ready to fully stop working. Have been reared in a family with a strong work ethic, I sat out to start a second career. I fell in love with business, sales, marketing, and serving others. This adventure has opened doors for me that I never dreamed. Entrepreneurship is very rewarding encore career. Now, I am on a mission to empower others by helping them to grow and build their businesses.

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