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Facebook Ads? Are They Worth the Money?

Are Facebook ads worth the money that you will spend on them? That is a good question. So, let’s talk about it a little bit more.

Facebook has on average 2.13 billion monthly users. 1.055 billion users access social media networks on mobile devices. These users spent about 35 minutes per day on Facebook and cruise platforms on an average of 8 times per day.

Facebook is a valuable piece of marketing property. So, how do we as small business owners take advantage of this huge opportunity to reach potential customers and clients?

Advertising can be expensive. Most of us have a small marketing budget. Yet, facebook ads offer us a chance to reach our ideal customer at an affordable cost.

When getting started with facebook ads, it is important to know your target audience. This task requires some research on our part. We must know who can benefit from our products and/or services.

Knowing our target audience can help us to get the most out of our Facebook ads. Before running a facebook ad, there are certain questions that we can ask ourselves about our target audience.

  1. Who do we really want to help or work with? (age, gender, etc.)
  2. What are their biggest pains, objections, struggles, or focus that our products and/or services will meet?
  3. What are their biggest dreams and desires in life?
  4. Who are some authorities,leaders and other facebook pages they follow?
  5. What books and magazines do they read? What are their general interests?

With a little bit of thought and online research, we can find the answers to these questions. These answers will help us get more mileage out of our facebook ads dollars that we spend.

Personally, I do use Facebook ads and have some success with building a targeted audience. It did not happen overnight. Plus, it has been a trial and error process, but it definitely has been  worth the time, effort, and money spent on the Facebook ads.

Please feel free to reach out to me with any questions or comments that you might have.

Best Wishes,

Myra Reidy

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After retiring from my first career, I realized that I was not ready to fully stop working. Have been reared in a family with a strong work ethic, I sat out to start a second career. I fell in love with business, sales, marketing, and serving others. This adventure has opened doors for me that I never dreamed. Entrepreneurship is very rewarding encore career. Now, I am on a mission to empower others by helping them to grow and build their businesses.

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