Get 2020 Off on Right Foot with a Business Plan

Get 2020 off on the right fool with a business plan. I know what you are thinking.

How boring!

It does not work!

Why should I even try?

New Year, New Business Plan

Maybe, you have put those goals down a piece of paper. You have written now those dreams. Only to have those dreams not to come true.

Let me challenge you to give it one more try. However, this time let’s get the rubber to meet the road. Those dreams need legs and feet.

You need long term goals that act as destinations. Those long term goals should be broken down into smaller goals or steps. The smaller goals are your road markers.

Now, your activities should match up with smaller goals. Income-producing activities are what you need. Tracking the results of your income-producing activities is key.

Don’t forget. The dollar truly is the bottom line. If you are not making a profit from your activity, either refine or get rid of it

Once you have gone through one cyclical month, then repeat the process. Being consistently consistent is when the rubber starts meeting the road.

Yes, it can be boring. You may even need support to make this happen.

Accountability is a good thing. Who can you partner with to help you be consistently consistent?

Find yourself a partner or two who wants the same support that you do. You can encourage and cheer each other on. Boring becomes exciting when you have others working toward the same goals.

In Summary

Ask yourself some questions. Write down the answers to these questions. Then, flesh out a doable business plan.

  1. Write down your top 3 business goals.
  2. Brainstorm what do you need to do to make those goals happen.
  3. List what support will you need to make it happen.
  4. Put that plan into action.

I hope that you find value in this short writing.

Best Wishes,


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About the author

After retiring from my first career, I realized that I was not ready to fully stop working. Have been reared in a family with a strong work ethic, I sat out to start a second career. I fell in love with business, sales, marketing, and serving others. This adventure has opened doors for me that I never dreamed. Entrepreneurship is very rewarding encore career. Now, I am on a mission to empower others by helping them to grow and build their businesses.

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