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Organic vs. Paid Traffic? What Is Right for You?

Organic traffic vs. paid traffic? Which is better? That is the on-going concern among network marketers. 

 Which is better? In truth, it comes down to your pocketbook and time on hand. 

Paid traffic is going to cost you some money. If you have money and want to invest it in paid traffic, then go ahead. 

However, before you go pulling out your credit card, you have to take time to educate yourself. I highly recommend that you take a look at the platform you are marketing on. Each platform should have free training and readings available to you on how to use its paid ads. 

Paid traffic can work in your favor if you do it the right way. Don’t just jump into paid traffic unless you have taken the time to educate yourself. Otherwise, you take the money in your wallet and throw it out the window. 

Now, what about organic traffic? Well, organic traffic can be lovely. You don’t have money coming out of your pocket. However, you may or may not be attracting the right audience, especially with organic traffic. 

So, what is a body to do? It comes right down to three essential points.  

  1. Who is your target audience? 
  2. Are you giving value to the market place? 
  3. Are you connecting and following up with your target audience? 

So, let’s break it down. 

Who Is Your Target Audience?

What does your ideal client look like? Is it male, female, or both? What age? Younger, older, or middle-aged? What about the income factor? What problem does the ideal client have that your products or services can solve? 

The answers to the questions can guide you in identifying your ideal client. Now, if you are selling a product or providing a service, you need to know the benefits you have to offer. This knowledge aids you in finding solutions to your ideal client’s problem. 

Are You Giving Value to the Marketplace?

Are you giving value to the marketplace? Or are you spamming your audience? Are you inspiring and motivating your viewers? Are you educating your readers about the benefits of your products and services? 

Spamming won’t get your viewers. The bottom line is simple. They will delete, unfollow, and unlike you. 

If you take the time to inspire and motivate your readers, they will keep coming back. If you educate them on the benefits of your products and services, then they will want to know more. Provide a solution to the pain that they are experiencing. 

Are You Communicating and Following Up with Your Audience? 

Are you communicating and following up with your audience? If someone likes or comments on your postings, are you take the time to say thank you or comment back? 

In other words, are you positively engaging with your audience? If not, shame on you. If those viewers take the time to like, comment, or message you, then you take the time to follow up with them. 

A follow up can look like different things. It might be a comment back on a post, a direct message, or a phone call depending upon your client’s needs. Either way, be prepared to follow up with your viewers and clients promptly. 

So, organic or paid traffic? That is up to you. Just remember to keep the three essential keys in your mind. Those keys can serve you well in both traffic situations.

About the author

After retiring from my first career, I realized that I was not ready to fully stop working. Have been reared in a family with a strong work ethic, I sat out to start a second career. I fell in love with business, sales, marketing, and serving others. This adventure has opened doors for me that I never dreamed. Entrepreneurship is very rewarding encore career. Now, I am on a mission to empower others by helping them to grow and build their businesses.

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