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Use Video to Grow Your Business

Use video to grow your business! What do you talk about when do a video? Well, let’s start with this Top Ten List!

Top Ten List

1. What you have learned later!

2. Your dreams and goals

3. Talk about your best of the best products and services

4. Do breaking news on the latest product or services in your biz or industry.

5. Become a personal trainer…what advise would you give a brand new person in your biz?

6. Share a strategy that you just have learned. Example: new makeup tip

7. Share your latest success!

8. Do a frequently questions and answers.

9. Do a screen capture of something that you just learned.

10. Do a video of a HOW TO …Demo your favorite products and services!

Don’t be camera shy! Just do it! 

In the beginning, start with Facebook Live. Just do one per week. Then, build up to 3 to 5 videos per week.

Once you complete a Facebook Live, then you can download and upload the video to your You Tube Channel

When the video is on your You Tube Channel, you can share the it over to other social media platforms. Oh, so much the better. You can definitely grow your business as you share it.

Here again. Don’t be shy. Just get started.

I hope that you have found value in this article. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me!

Best Wishes,

Myra Reidy

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After retiring from my first career, I realized that I was not ready to fully stop working. Have been reared in a family with a strong work ethic, I sat out to start a second career. I fell in love with business, sales, marketing, and serving others. This adventure has opened doors for me that I never dreamed. Entrepreneurship is very rewarding encore career. Now, I am on a mission to empower others by helping them to grow and build their businesses.

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