My Story

Hi, I am Myra Reidy. My story is simple.

I grew up in North Georgia with my younger brother. Being the oldest of two children, we learned to rely on each other but developed a very independent spirit at the same time. Our parents worked in the local community. Our grandparents owned and operated their owned barber and beauty shops from their home.

From the time that I can remember, the barber and beauty shops were my second home. I learned how to style and cut hair at an early age. Grandmother also taught me how to process hair chemically.

When I got to high school, I become in cheerleading and 4-H Club. Both activities caused me to take on a strong sense of commitment to my community.

When I started into my college studies, it just made sense to study education. I love children and learning. So, I became an elementary school teacher and later a public school administrator.

When I retired from public education, the entrepreneurship was to become my encore career. I never forgot my early years in the barber and beauty shops and wanted to go back into the beauty industry that I had grown up in.

Before I left public education, I enrolled in beauty school and graduated with a Master of Cosmetology in 2012. Since then, I have worked in both other people’s beauty and barber shops. In 2017, we opened our beauty and barber shop in our local community.

While in cosmetological school, I joined a direct selling company specializing in makeup and skincare. By entering this company, I was able to learn so much more about makeup and skincare. I just fell in love with the products.

Once I graduated from beauty school, I took an Advanced Makeup Techniques. With the additional knowledge and skills, I have been able to serve my clients better.

Two years ago, I decided to try my hand at online marketing. It has been a real journey. I love to learn and want to share this learning with other online marketers.